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AMIA is a lead provider in the provision of an anger management course that are useful for both criminal and family court matters. The education course is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In order to obtain a certificate the course requires people to complete a written assessment and provide evidence of how they have implement the recommended strategies . The course covers the following topics:

  • Anger Management Strategies
  • Stress Management Strategies
  • Behavior Management Strategies
  • Cognitive  Strategies
  • Communication Skills

Lee Town- Director (AMIA)

Lee is an experienced Accredited Clinical and Mental Health Social Worker. He has  a Bachelor of Social Work and a Masters of Social Work (Forensic). He is also a member of the College of Australian Social Work. He is also working towards becoming a Court approved Family Consultant.


He has expertise in working with adolescents, adults and organisations.  He provides both individual and relationship counselling. He has also developed counselling courses for various industries. He has worked in mental health settings for over 16 years and currently practices at various medical clinics throughout South West Victoria.

He is passionate about making a difference in peoples’ lives and providing hope.


Employment History


Employer: Bethlehem Hospital- South Caulfield, Victoria (1996-June 1997)

Position title: Welfare Worker

Client group: People 18 and above with neurological conditions- Multiple Sclerosis and Motor Neuron Disease.

Position roles: * To provide both individual counselling to clients both in inpatient and outpatient settings.

* To co-ordinate support services for clients to ensure that they where able to stay within their home for as long as possible.

* To run family meetings with clients, their family and staff to discuss future care arrangements for clients.


Employer: Sunshine Hospital- Sunshine, Victoria (July 1997-October 1999)

Position title: Social Worker

Client group: People aged over 65 who had strokes, broken hips or needed aged care placement.

Position roles: * To work in a multidisciplinary team to provide home based rehabilitation services and liaise with community services.

* To provide both individual and family counselling regarding loss of functioning.

* To liaise with multidisciplinary staff and families regard aged care placement.

* To write reports and represent the hospital in cases where a legally appointed Administrator and/or Guardian was required to then liaise with them.


Employer: South West Health Care- Warrnambool (November 1999- August 2001)

Position title: Adult Mental Health Team-(Mental Health Clinician-Social Work)

Client group: People aged between 18-65 years of age who where diagnosed with a major mental illness (Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder and Severe Depression)

Position roles: * To work in a multidisciplinary community based team and provide crisis assessment response to clients who where presenting with risk issues to both them self and the community. This involved liaising with Psychiatrists, Emergency Staff Personal, Ambulance Services, Police and Family members.

* To undertake comprehensive assessments of clients to then brief Psychiatrists.

* To write reports regarding treatment plans which involved setting particular goals to then consider how these treatment goals where going to be met with key performance indicators.

* To provide outpatient home based treatment to clients and their family who had been diagnosed with a major mental illness. This role also involved liaison with social support services including CRS Australia.

* To run various international training programs to hospital staff such as Professional Assault Response Training (PART) and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST). Please see training profile for further details.

* To provide clinical supervision to nursing students and junior staff. I have been approved a Clinical Supervision of the Australian Association of Social Workers.


Employer: South West Health Care- Warrnambool (September 2001-May 2007)

Position title: Primary Mental Health Team-(Mental Health Clinician-Social Work)

Client group: People aged 12 onwards of age who where diagnosed with a low prevalence disorder ( Depression, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Panic Disorder) Position roles: * To work as a sole Practioner within General Practice Clinics and Secondary Schools and provide clinical treatment to clients. I covered the Warrnambool, Moyne and Corangamite Shires. This role also involved working extensively with people who where unemployed that where actively seeking employment.

* To provide secondary consultation and train General Practioners, Primary Care Providers and School Counsellors about the treatment of high prevalence disorders.

* To raise community awareness of anxiety and depressive disorders in speaking at schools and health promotion activities.

* To co-ordinate staff and provide education based courses on stress management at Southwest TAFE and in various Secondary Schools for Teachers. This course was based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

* To influence service structures to become more responsive to clients with high prevalence disorders.


Self Employed: Full time Private Practice- (May 2007-ongoing)

Position title: Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

Client group: People aged 12 onwards with anxiety and depressive disorders as well as relationship issues and anger management. Most of the people I provide clinical services for are from a lower socio-economic background who are either unemployed or who work part time.

Position role: * To provide cognitive behavioral therapy, crisis intervention, solution focused therapy and critical incident stress debriefing to clients.

* To provide clinical services for clients in various General Practioner clinics- Jamieson Street, Cambourne and Timboon Medical Clinics.

* To provide clinical services to staff and students at Brauer College, Warrnambool.

* To provide counselling to people under various contracts with the following services providers: Otway Division of General Practice- This contract was to provide counselling services specifically for people on healthcare cards, Timboon Health Services, Cobden Health Services, Former (Yes-Employment Services), St Lawrence Employment Services, Headspace Southwest Victoria (Federal Government program that caters for young people aged between 12-24 years of age) and RTK Resolutions (Employment Assistance Provider Service) I have been contracted by them to provide critical incident stress debriefing to various parts of the Southwest of Victoria.


Employer: Queensland Health (January 2011-Ongoing) & Part time Private Practice.

Postion title: Senior Clinician.

Client group: Clients aged from 0-18 with severe behavioural and emotional disturbance under the Guardianship of the Department of Child Safety.

Postion role: * To provide comprehensive biopsychosocial assessments.

* To provide therapy to children based on attachment theory, complex trauma, loss and grief, childhood development and systems theory.

* To provide secondary consulation to various stakeholders.

* To co-ordinate stakeholder meetings.

* To provide education and training to schools and various community organisations.


Private Practice– Part time- February 2012- Ongoing Headspace Townsville. Position title: Access to Allied Psychological Strategies (ATAPS) for Kids contractor. Position role: To provide psychological therapy to children under 12 years of age who present with mild to moderate mental health issues.


 Queensland Health- Townsville Hospital Health ServicesAugust 2013- August 2016

 Position title: Staff Development Officer- Allied Health

Position Role: Utilising advanced clinical skills and educational knowledge develop,  implement, coordinate and evaluate mental health education that has a focus on   clinical skill development, supports the capacity building of staff and communities, promoting  improved  understanding  of  mental  health  and  mental illness,  and addressing required outcomes in line with the Area, Institute, National and State Policies, Plan and Strategies.


Within this role I am primarily responsible to provide support to Allied Health Professional Seniors and for all of the education needs of allied health of the entire mental health services group. I am also responsible to provide support to the 6 Team Leaders of the Child, Adolescent & Young Adult Service (CAYAS) and for any education needs anyone may have in CAYAS.


Position Responsibilities: * Consult with key stakeholders to design, facilitate and evaluate training programs for mental health staff of the Townsville Hospital and Health services.

  • Proxy for the Professional Senior of Social Work for any  acute  unit  service provision meetings which currently includes reviewing the  allied  health components of the unit.
  • Continue to be the sole resource person to liaise with the Queensland Centre for mental Health Learning (QCMHL). This involves both planning and coordination of both services to provide the programs.
  • Both sole and co-facilitation of QCMHL training programs that involve the following: Mental State Examination, Critical Components of Risk Assessment & Management, Mental Health Assessment & Capacity, Suicide Risk Assessment & Management (SRAM), Suicide Risk  Assessment & Management for ED staff (SRAM-ED), Introduction of Supervision & Supervisor Training Level 1.
  • Provide ongoing educational expertise when QCMHL review their course I have provide input for the MSE, Mental Health Assessment & Capacity and SRAM-ED


(which is  training that has  been requested  by the current  State Minister for Health).

  • Attend and report to the monthly Child, Adolescent, & Young Adult Service (CAYAS) Quality meeting of the mental health service group. The rational for my attendance is to support Team Leaders with any quality projects and also provide training on service or skill deficits within this program area.


Queensland Health- Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning (QCMHL) August 2016- June 2017

Position title: Clinical Educator (State-wide Position) HP5

Position role: To design, facilitate and mark learner assessments of all the

QCMHL courses across the state.


Queensland Health- Townsville Hospital Health ServicesJuly 2017- December 2017

Position title: Staff Development Officer- Allied Health (Substantive role)


Queensland Health- Townsville Hospital Health Services December 2017- Ongoing

Position title: Ed-LinQ Coordinator

Position role: The role does not directly support students but works with schools and child based organisations to build their capacity in understanding mental health related difficulties. It has three key priority areas that it focuses on the following:

Provision of school based consultation liaisonEd-LinQ Coordinators to facilitate early access to mental health advice and, where warranted, timely assessment and collaborative care of those with more intensive needs.

Enhancing capacity- Ed-LinQ coordinators to provide actions that increase the knowledge, skills and understanding of stakeholders regarding mental health problems and mental illness in children and young people and in regard to working collaboratively for better outcomes.

Fostering strategic partnerships- Ed-LinQ Coordinators to facilitate partnerships and a shared understanding between health, education (Department of Education & Training, Catholic Education and Independent Schools Queensland), primary care and community stakeholders on ways to work together for early intervention of mental health problems in school aged children and young people


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