National Online Anger Management Course that provides a pre-sentence Certificate

The Anger Management Institute of Australia (AMIA) is a fee based education specialist service. It provides a comprehensive anger management course with a completion certificate that has been used in criminal court & family court matters throughout Australia. The course is facilitated via online. In order to obtain a certificate participants are required to complete a written assessment that consists of completing worksheets using their own life examples and multiple choice questions. The course covers the following topics: Anger, Stress, Behavioural, Cognitive Strategies and Communication Skills. Practical application is a key theme of the course to promote behavioral change to reduce anger. The Anger Management Institute of Australia is not a counselling service.

Frequently asked questions- Things you need to know to obtain your anger management certificate

If your question is not answered below please text it to 0407625105 as I will be able to respond to you quicker than you leaving a message.

Can I use the certificate in criminal court, family court or immigration matters? Yes. It has been used in all theses areas before.

Is the course nationally accredited? There is no national anger management course accreditation association.

How fast can the course be completed? This will depend on how fast you make payment, your motivation to complete the course assessment questions and your ability to understand the content. As everyone is different the length of time to complete the course will vary.

How fast will I get my certificate? Within 2 days of when you submit your assessment. You will need to obtain a pass grade of 70% out of 100 in order to be provided with a certificate. The certificate will sent via email and list the content topics that you have completed.

How much is the course: $200 (This includes payment for the course content and the certificate)

How do I enroll? Email your 1) Full name, 2) Date of birth and a 3) Receipt of payment to:  [email protected]  Once you have done this please text me on 0407625105 so I can make sending you the learning materials a priority.

Payment details: Bank: National Australia Bank  Account name: Anger Management Institute of Australia BSB: 084766  Account Number: 162184535

When I will I receive the course content: Usually the same day of payment.

AMIA is unable to maintain a database of other service providers throughout Australia due to constant service provision changes.

As well as working with solicitors and clients to assist them for court purposes AMIA has also been sought for expert interviews from the following state and national companies:

Good Morning Australia on singer Chris Brown’s anger outburst releasing his new album F.A.M.E.

The Sydney Morning Herald on Coping with Office Brain Snaps

That’s Life where provided readers with tips to reduce anger.

The Australian School of Business International E-Bulletin on how Anger impacts the Workplace.

Leading Company which is an internet based company that has many articles on how companies can improve communication within the workplace and assist Managers to become more successful.

AMIA has also been sought for radio interviews on multiple occasions on ABC Western Australia and the Gold Coast

For sample radio interviews done for Brisbane 4BC please go to `The Heat of Anger’  and for a more comprehensive interview that is over 11 minutes and takes 30 seconds to download please go to  `How Anger can affect people at Work’.

Hear from some clients who have benefited from anger management


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Intervention orders increasing

According to the report-Measuring Family Violence in Victoria- Seven Year Trend Analysis 1999-2006 more intervention orders are being taken out than ever before. Women aged 25-45 are the highest age group to take out intervention orders. By undertaking an anger management course it prepares couples to then purse martial or relationship counselling as it promotes safety within the relationship. Control your anger now before it's too late and undertake a course in anger management and learn new techniques.

Financial Cost of anger

People found guilty of seriously causing injury faced increased fines. In the Magistrates Court of Victoria 2004-08 sentencing snapshot number 62-causing injury intentionally imprisonment report people receiving fines has increased from 19.2% in 2005 to 25.3% in 2008. The average fine was $1000. Whilst in the Sentencing trends for causing serious injury intentionally in the higher courts of Victoria 2002-07-Snapshot-39 report- fines have increased had increased from 46% in 2005 62% in 2007. The average fine was $1492. Not sure if an anger management course is for you. Why not consider purchasing an Anger Management Mind Map Evaluation to provide you with more information and Manualto learn new strategies. Do anger management today- It’s cheaper in the long run

Anger Management recommended by Courts

According to various Governments sentencing reports when a person is found guilty of intentionally causing serious injury and put on a criminal diversion plan anger management is in the top 3 forms of punishment. Do the most internationally recognised course in the world and receive a certificate. By undertaking an Anger Management Course at AMIA you will learn strategies and techniques to reduce your anger. You will also be able to have a detailed psychological report that may be useful for your court appearance.

Anger increasing in Australia

With stress levels, financial burdens, teenage drinking and increased violence on television anger has increased in the Australian community. According to sentencing trends in the Magistrates Court of Victoria 2004-08 snapshot number 62-causing injury intentionally imprisonment has increased from 2004-08. Of all people charged only 23% receive a Community Based Order. Don’t be a statistic- Learn how to control your anger now before it’s too late and purchase an Anger Management Manual that provides you with strategies to reduce your anger and stress.