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I have changed since doing the course. I now have strategies I use. It has also improved my marriage as I now have a better relationship with my partner. Orginally my wife wanted us to go to marriage counselling although now she feels we don’t.


This is my third Anger Management Course! I participate not because I’m a serial violent offender – but because I just don’t like feeling anger. I’ve not allowed anger to manifest as violence. I’m lucky. Many of you aren’t so fortunate. But anger effects us all. Usually badly.

I’ve undertaken a refresher course about every three years simply because I forget the basics in the rush and complexity of life.

The second course placed me among serial serious violent offenders ordered to participate in that course by the courts! I volunteered for that Anger Management Course as a refresher but I must admit I wondered what I was doing there at times; and so did my fellow course mates. I recon even the course organisers wondered how it would all work out.

This Anger Management Australia course is a repetition of some of the material previously covered, but this time a course book is supplied that can be referenced at home and the material contained in the book and the course of one on ones is covered in a logical, simple and easy to follow sequence.

All of us get angry.

It’s how we manage those feelings that is important.
So we don’t end up feeling like shit. So we don’t violate, abuse or harm the people we love most. That’s what Anger Management is about. It’s always the innocent bystanders, the people we love most – who wear the brunt of our anger. And we feel  terrible afterwards.

This course organised by Lee Town is very good.
I’d recommend it to anyone who has every wondered if there is a solution to the anger problem no matter what the scale or intensity personally felt.
There is.
Just Do it.

The people who love you most will notice and appreciate your efforts to manage a very difficult problem we all feel and often face daily. Once you’ve done this course you’ll wish that everyone knew about it and had done it. It should be done in school.

Anger effects us all and can have awful consequences for everyone if that anger is not properly managed. This is a really important choice you are making for yourself and for all the people you work with, like and love around you. I’d recommend Lee’s course to anyone, even for minor anger issues.

There are ways to better handle ourselves.

And the end result is feeling good. Even when things are going to shit.


Since I started doing the anger management course I noticed that my mood has improved. I like using the book as it makes a lot of sense. I feel in more control.


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